Et Al Beauty



The goal at Et Al Beauty is to provide consumers products that revitalize and enhance youthful features. The company's flagship products are Fullips and Nexsey, both created by Founder and CEO, Linda Gomez.


Fullips lip enhancers are a small beauty tool designed to achieve a better lip line and fuller lips. The product was invented by Linda Gomez to provide a natural, inexpensive and non-invasive alternative to lip injections and chemicals. The product works by using self-suction to pull fluid to the lips for temporary, added fullness.

It’s Easy… Just Put It To Your Lips and Suck!

Nexsey focuses on necks, a major problem area for women and men. The neck often shows one's age and makes wearing low-cut necklines or statement necklaces difficult. Nexsey is a medical grade tape that allows you to decrease the appearance of wrinkles by gently and discreetly tightening the skin to create a more youthful appearance.

As we say, it's the "Beauty of Illusion"!


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